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    Sign of the Season, Anderson, SC, December 2010 (made Explore, Dec. 22, 2010, #495)

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    Pensacola Beach

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    On SC 93, Norris, SC, US. I've lived in this area all of my life, and I remember this being abandoned when I was very small. I asked my mom about it (who's lived in the town 56 years), and she doesn't ever remember this being in operation in the time sh…

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    From April 2008. Memories of great times! (and not a bad day at the beach once the wind subsided)

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    Partial view of Mobile, AL skyline, approaching on I-10 traveling West (from Pensacola to Mobile)

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    Side view from front lawn of WELP Radio Station

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    Some photos taken by Kristin for me, while I watched for cars. We used our usual system- we spot something we'd like to shoot, I stop the car in the road and leave it running, watching for traffic, while Kristin jumps out and shoots what we wanted as qu…

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    View from my back porch as the leaves just started changing this Autumn. (Unfortunately, my overworked brain and tired body haven't found time to keep up with the leaf changes lately. I fear by the time I find time to take some more photos that all the…

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