Morning Feast

12 Months in Colour Selection 2013

Morning Feast

Rainbow Lorikeet on the Golden Penda in the Noosa hinterland, Queensland, Australia. I was very lucky that the Golden Penda is so attractive to the native birds that this Lorikeet stayed around for a while. These aptly named beautiful Australian birds, the Rainbow Lorikeets, parrots, have incredibly brightly coloured feathers, and a distinctive screeching call. In Noosa they fly between the Noosa River and the Hinterland feeding on the rich variety of flowering/fruiting trees and shrubs. 6/31 March, 365 Colours. Archive Airings AA21 Patterns.

Extreme Yellow

365 Days in Colour March 2013 Archive Airings AA49 Bright Sunshiny Yellow The Alphabet site 02/2015 Y

Blue faced Honeyeater

Seen from our verandah on the fruiting branch of a Golden Cane Palm. I have tried many times to photograph these amazing birds properly, but they were too quick for me. Lucky day. The Blue-faced Honeyeater is a large black, white and golden olive-green honeyeater with striking blue skin around the yellow to white eye. The crown, face and neck are black, with a narrow white band across the back of the neck. The upperparts and wings are a golden olive green, and the underparts are white, with a grey-black throat and upper breast. The blue facial skin is two-toned, with the lower half a brilliant cobalt blue. Juvenile birds are similar to the adults but the facial skin is yellow-green and the bib is a lighter grey. This honeyeater is noisy and gregarious, and is usually seen in pairs or small flocks. It is known as the Banana-bird in tropical areas, for its habit of feeding on banana fruit and flowers. White in April, 27/30 April, 365 Colours.

Coast Guard Noosa

The Coast Guard service is run by volunteers and operates 24/7. Noosa River Entrance, Queensland. The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association Inc is a voluntary civilian organisation of men and women formed to provide safety on our waterways, train boat users in all aspects of safe small boat handling and contribute effectively to the search and rescue operations. Coast Guard is a registered charity and a volunteer non-profit organisation. All members are dedicated professional volunteers who freely give up their spare time to provide this service. Yellow March, 3/31 March, 365 Colours. Archive Airings AA49 Sunshiny Yellow

Bright Yellow

365 Days in Colour March 2013 Archive Airings AA49 Sunshiny Yellow

Going Bananas

365 Days in Colour March 2013 Archive Airings AA49 Sunshiny Yellow

Queenslander in White

One of the traditional Queenslanders in the historic village of Tewantin, Queensland. Tewantin is a beautiful town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is located on the Noosa River, and is the departure point for access to the famous North Shore beach drive which goes all the way to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island. If anyone asks “where’s Tewantin?” - the easiest answer is “Noosa”! This is because Tewantin is part of a group of towns that all join together on the northern Sunshine Coast. Tewantin flows into Noosaville; which flows into Noosa; which flows into Sunshine Beach etc. In 1869, Tewantin was the river port for the Noosa area. In 1871, Clarendon Stuart surveyed a town site for the Tewantin settlement. Tewantin was a thriving small town with a reliance on the gold, fishing and timber industries. Wikipedia The Alphabet Site Q 02/2015

Beach Huts on White

Glass Coaster

White Sabots

Noosa Yacht Club, Noosa River, Queensland
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