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  • inside out

    TSC inside out

  • love bug

    TSC ordinary item in the wrong place, silly, with vintage treatment.

  • etc.

    TSC bottles

  • Haunted

    Model and background captured by me, creatures and effects from PicMonkey :-)

  • Black Magic

    Our cat Dora the Explorer, a natural bobtail. Vintage mirror from our old hallstand. Witch, free clipart. TSC Challenge... Since it is so close to Halloween let's "do something creepy, scary or spooky" with the added challenge being that a mirror has to…

  • Oregano, Mint and Cayenne

    Added this to the evening's curry, very peppy and aromatic, different! TSC Herbs and Spices

  • Frog in Cordyline

    This little fellow, about an inch long, was in a young Cordyline on our back patio table :-)

  • Frog in Cordyline

    TSC Begins with F. B&W Close Up. Original colour in Note. This little fellow, about an inch long, was in a young Cordyline on our back patio table :-) Alternative in comments, my first photo for the topic, but then the frog came along.

  • Frame B&W

    TSC begins with F, B&W, close up Section of Oil Painting

  • Fresh pineapple

    In Queensland

  • Mother Earth

    Celebrating the fruits of the earth :-) TSC celebration

  • Husqvarna

    Spring/coil under the seat of our ride on mower. TSC spring/coil

  • Callistemon

    Spring in SE Queensland, Australia Taree Pink

  • Crepe Myrtle

    Spring in SE Queensland, Australia

  • Wild Iris

    Spring in SE Queensland, Australia. More in comments. Dietes Grandiflora TSC Transition

  • Repeating patterns

    Our front door and porch TSC repeating patterns

  • Hawaii

    Hawaii sticker from the back of our Nissan Patrol, has been on there for years so pretty faded, see original, taken 6 September, in comments. Note: Last visit to Hawaii was 1992 :-) Background of a mural in a cafe (Goody's, Toogoom, Queensland), taken 31…

  • Hawaii sticker

    On our Nissan Patrol 4WD, has been there for many years, so a bit faded :-)

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