226/366 02SH contentment

2020/2021 TSC Scavenger Challenge

1) Accidental Letters 2) A horse/Horses* 3) Hands 4) Wildflowers* 5) Silhouette 6) A bus* 7) Something pink 8) A shop/market stall selling sweets/candy. * 9) A piece of cake 10) An old book 11) A spider web 12) A police car * 13) A water bird (duck/swan/moorhen etc)* 14) A gadget 15) Looking through a window 16) Footprints 17) A mannequin* 18) Litter* 19) A work of art 20) A tall tree* 21) An umbr…  (read more)

01SH Abstract

27 Oct 2020 21 40 93
Sunday challenge - Abstract TSC Scavenger Hunt Accidental letters - T

226/366 02SH contentment

13 Aug 2020 13 17 85
While out and about, we saw this delightful scene. Red Head, New South Wales. Sunday challenge - Something you've never taken before... this horse, and this view :-) TSC Scavenger Hunt/ A horse

03SH hands

20 Aug 2020 8 8 50
At Cape Hawke Lookout, NSW. The view is in comments... TSC Scavenger Hunt

04SH wild flowers

13 Aug 2020 6 4 45
New South Wales TSC Scavenger Hunt

173/366 Sunday sun setting 05SH

21 Jun 2020 5 6 34
Moved some ponytail palms around in different pots, as their roots have been expanding. Then caught up on sorting out photos. Meanwhile, Ian watched the rugby from New Zealand. TSC Scavenger Hunt 05SH Silhouette

06SH courtesy bus

08 Feb 2021 3 4 45
TSC Scavenger hunt - a bus Club Black Head, New South Wales, Australia. Spotted this after a walk to a beach which starts from the club.

109/366 07SH beauty

18 Apr 2020 9 9 78
Roses in the neighbourhood TSC Scavenger Hunt 7SH Something pink

09SH cake

31 Oct 2020 5 3 31
at the Tartt Cafe in Wharf Street, Forster, New South Wales. www.fivesenses.com.au/blog/coffee-paradise-at-tartt/ TSC Scavenger Hunt Piece of cake

171/366 Wisdom 10SH

19 Jun 2020 15 28 80
I don't know where my Mum acquired this Buddha, but he was one of her treasured mementos, and now lives with us. Saturday challenge - Favourite memento and why. TSC Scavenger Hunt 10SH An old book

11SH Camellia

09 Jun 2020 9 9 46
In town, NSW 11SH A spider web

08SH Chocolate Factory

02 Feb 2021 3 4 41
at the Bellevue Hotel in Tuncurry, New South Wales, Australia. TSC Scavenger hunt - a shop/market stall selling sweets/candy Only 4 to go to complete my 50 photos for the project. Having difficulty with some of them... 17 Mannequin (have seen some headless ones, but would prefer a more normal look) 28 Snow/frost/ice (will probably have to do ice from the fridge) 50 Weather vane (haven't spotted one, yet)

12SH Forster Court House

31 Oct 2020 3 3 34
New South Wales, Australia Forster and Tuncurry, 312 km north of Sydney, are two coastal towns separated by a large bridge. They sit on opposite sides of the entrance to Wallis Lake which is 26 km long. Thus the two towns are fronted by the ocean to the east and the lake to the west. The Court House in Forster was renovated in 2013. TSC Scavenger Hunt Police car

13SH Pelican habitat

21 May 2020 5 6 33
Coolongolook River at Wallis Lake, NSW TSC Scavenger Hunt - A water bird

14SH Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

15 Aug 2020 3 5 36
We watched this movie, a fascinating insight, excellent. TSC Scavenger Hunt14SH Gadget... the TV, also effectively a computer.

102/366 15SH winging it

11 Apr 2020 5 8 49
Awful focus, taken through glass, but I like his pose, looking at our cat Dora, through the window. Butcher bird, singing away on our back deck. TSC Scavenger Hunt 15SH Wings

16SH footprints

15 Jul 2020 9 5 44
Forster, New South Wales TSC Scavenger Hunt

17SH Mannequin

26 Feb 2021 7 10 42
TSC Scavenger Hunt The street shot had too many reflections, so I had to go inside the shop. I was tempted into buying a few things :-) Taree, New South Wales, Australia

19SH Tropical art

16 Apr 2020 10 19 100
One of my favourites, an oil painting, artist unknown. Saturday challenge - Artwork TSC Scavenger Hunt - A work of art

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