Elvert Barnes

Elvert Barnes

Posted on 02/18/2011

Photo taken on September 29, 2001

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September 2001
Pennsylvania Avenue 2001
Wahington DC
Pennsylvania Avenue
Northwest Washington DC
29 September 2001
Anti-Capitalist Anti-War Convergence/WDC/29 September 2001
September 2001 IMF / World Bank Demonstrations / WDC
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BLACKOUT Trilogy / Book #3
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Photo Details:

Bound & Gagged
IMF/World Bank Demonstration
NW WDashington DC
Saturday, 29 September 2001
Elvert Xavier Barnes Protest Photography

These two demonstrators had travelled from the west coast for the 29 September 2001 Anti-Capitalist Anti-War Convergence which took place in WDC. After assembling in Upper Senate Park for one of the largest IMF-WB demo's in WDC's history which took place on the heals of 11 September the protesters marched through WDC to the IMF-WB complex located on Pennsylvania Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets.

At this point but once the demonstrators had reached the IMF-WB complex which is when this picture was taken the police dressed in riot gear would surround all four corners of the area and block anyone from leaving. In what I would refer to as the Detention Center we were held captive for more than an hour. Allowing a second but more peaceful demonstration to assemble at Freedom Plaza and march in the opposite direction to the US Capitol.

The police was concerend that if the two groups converged at Freedom Plaza as had been planned ... things may would have gotten out of control'.

Elvert Xavier Barnes Protest Photography