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  • wk38-17 3644

    Should have gone to "Specsavers"

  • wk38-17 3665

    Seasonal adjustment.

  • wk38-17 3660

    Watching you watching me, down in the woods close to a river bank, Nuns Lakes, Thetford

  • wk38-17 3628

    happy landing.

  • IMG 1913 3548

    Marsh Harrier at Welney Wetland centre. This was a long way out around 70-100mtrs : 600mm + 1.4 Ext.+ crop

  • wk36-17 3293

    Verona Italy: We had been following this lot for 10 minutes before we realised this was not our group ! that was it we were lost. Ah well good day out anyway.

  • 2017-09-17 edited-1

    Paypal is not a problem. The money goes to the IMA (Association des membres ipernity)

  • wk37-17 3587

    Nuthatch: Early visitor to our feeders, it was December last year and January the year before that. Looks like she has bought the family along too. See PIP

  • IMG 1874 3511

    Drove a long way today just to take a photograph of some ducks, next time I want to visit Welney Waterlife Trust I will check out the daily update on their web site first to find out what birds are visiting.

  • wk36-17 3282

    The Verona Arena, a Roman Amphitheatre.

  • wk36-17 3298

    Verona Italy: Building materials from the former Roman empire has been incorporated into the buildings in a more modern Verona of today.

  • wk36-17 3224

    I know that look, She is trying to work out if I have enough Euro's left for the perfume shop in Duty Free

  • wk36-17 3246

    Nearly home 2 minutes to landing, one of the older planes in Easy Jets fleet, apart from the air conditioning in the cabin not working before the captain started the engines and a few un-familiar engine noises, the flight was reasonably smooth.

  • wk36-17 3235

    View of the Alps from 38000 ft. about 11.5 kilometers. On the next range to come into view the peaks were covered in snow.

  • wk36-17 3413

    Lake Garda (Sirmione) Italy

  • wk36-17 3471

    Lido Di Jesolo: 10km of beach, 10km of Promenade, 10km of hotels and 10km of shops. The longest unbroken beach and promenade in Europe. I noticed many children of school age still on the beaches with their parents, can anyone explain what the rules ar…

  • Wk36-17 Verona Italy.

    The statue of Juliet and the famous balcony of Juliet's house depicted in William Shakespeare's Tragedy "Romeo & Juliet. unforgiving tourist interest ruled out any form of composed framing. Verona Italy. Sept 5th 2017. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romeo_and…

  • 20170902 120904

    Something strange about this holiday, it did not feel right. Could'nt put my finger on it though. About one hour into the flight i bought a coffee and a chocolate biscuit and then i realised what was wrong. I had left my dentures back home in the Bathro…

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