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wk17-21 3623 Fence Friday

29 Apr 2021 3 3 5
Purpose made rural fence though I am unclear what is being fenced in. Taken at the National Trust Wicken Fen. Wishing everybody a HFF and a super weekend for you all, keep safe and stay well.

wk18-21 3656

03 May 2021 15 10 29
Blue tit in blossom For the 50 images Project. 9/50. (The subject is the Cherry tree)

wk17-21 3614 HBM

29 Apr 2021 19 15 56
Happy Bench Monday everybody have good week and stay safe stay healthy. Wicken Fen. Almost end of April and still a bitterly cold wind blowing across the fen.

wk17-21 3626

29 Apr 2021 12 5 39
Alternative wild life at Wicken Fen.

wk17-21-3649 FF (Fence Friday)

29 Apr 2021 13 9 28
National Trust Wicken Fen (Sedge Fen just re-opened) Huge amount of work done here during the Lockdown and the rewards should come later in the summer as the wild life emerges into the warm sunshine. Bitterly cold today but we managed to complete the 4 mile hike. Fence Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend , stay safe, stay well.

wk17-21 3588

26 Apr 2021 13 7 40
Graylag Goose: She has built her nest quiet close to the trail and does not seem to bothered by people passing by as they walk around the lake. She was standing next to the nest when I arrived and I counted 9 eggs before she returned to the nest. The Gander was nowhere to be seen. Taken at the BTO Nunnery Lakes nature reserve.

wk17-21 3564

26 Apr 2021 11 8 38
Our house (Left) through the years (4 PIPS) For the 50 images project 8/50 (Inc in the PIPS)

wk17-21 3582

26 Apr 2021 14 7 38
Coot: Taken at the BTO Nunnery Lakes Nature reserve. View Large for better detail.

wk15-21 3505 HFF & H.A.N.W.E

18 Apr 2021 34 29 84
HFF and to wish everybody a good, happy and safe weekend, Stay well.

wk16-21 3532

20 Apr 2021 11 7 34
History Recorded: Debenhams a High Street name I have known since I was a boy in the 1950s. Just a few weeks from now the name will be gone from our high streets forever.

wk16-21 3518

19 Apr 2021 17 10 47
In the beginning. Outside our bedroom window tomorrow we should see the full blossom. In a few days the ground is covered in a carpet of pink, a photographer will come with a model for a photoshoot as he does each year and finally as the petals loosen the children will shake the tree to make a storm of petals and leave me to sweep it all up. Plus PIP

wk39-18 0996

28 Sep 2018 8 4 35
Lavenham Suffolk. Photo club on a now and then exercise. Have we found the right buildings.? All goes to prove the middle building in the main image with the 15th century makeover is Fake. Project 21 Architecture.

wk15-21 3506

18 Apr 2021 17 10 40
He has hungry mouths to fill, I watered a bit of garden to soften the soil, maybe he will find a worm or two for the babies.

wk15-21 3467

14 Apr 2021 15 9 39
I'm your man. WWT Welney.

wk15-21 3485

14 Apr 2021 17 10 53
Power lines or wind turbines, which is best?. see also PIP

wk13-21 3351

31 Mar 2021 18 18 66
The more intelligent half of us two. HAPPY BENCH MONDAY everybody and a good week for you all. Stay safe and stay well.

wk14-21-3414 H.A.N.W.E

09 Apr 2021 20 11 55
Unknown. Been hiding in the conservatory all winter, forgotten about and probably not watered and so we have been rewarded with a show of these beautiful Orange blooms. I can't find any reference, the nearest I can get is a succulent "Gasteria" Taken with a 40-150mm kit lens plus 10mm extension tube. Just to wish everybody a Happy "Weekend, stay safe stay healthy. Thanks to Keith Burton (Below) who gave a positive ID.


31 Mar 2021 19 14 56
I think beginnings of Horse Chestnut, if anyone can correct me please. For Group Project 21 "Flowers"

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