• CL&P Thomaston 2B Sub - Thomaston, CT

    Here is another view of Connecticut Light & Power's 115kV/13.2kV sub-station in Thomaston, Connecticut. They have a small equipment yard in the fenced-in area on the right-hand side of the photo.

  • CL&P Watertown 25R - Watertown, CT

    This sub-station, which is located at 84 Echo Lake Road, is one of two in the city of Watertown that steps 13.8kV subtransmission down to 4.8kV delta for local distribution. They are fed by this dual-circuit 13.8kV line: The other 13.8kV/4.8kV sub-st…

  • CL&P Watertown 25R - Watertown, CT

    Here's a shot of a transformer, along with some copepr buswork, cutouts, and other equipment inside CL&PCo.'s Watertown 25R sub-station.

  • CL&P Watertown 25R - Watertown, CT

    Quite a contrast between the two transformers in this photo, isn't there?

  • CL&P Oakville 17Q - Oakville, CT

    Here is one of two substations in the city of Watertown that feed the local 4.8 kV distribution system. Both are connected to this 13.8 kV dual-circuit subtransmission line: The other substation, Watertown 25R, which is located at 84 Echo Lake Road,…

  • CL&P Carver 19R - New Britain, CT

    Here's a shot of Carver 19R - this substation steps 13.8kV subtransmission down to 4.8kV for local distribution. The 13.8kV line enters on the poles to the right, while the 4.8kV exits underground. Links to photos of incoming and outgoing lines and riser…

  • Mass Electric 23kV & 13.2kV - Northampton, MA

    Here's an older wood substation from Mass Electric that feeds the 13.2kV distribution in Northampton. It is fed by a 23kV delta subtransmission line. Note the old bank of single-phase transformers they still have in service. I reckon that "NEMA Grey" isn'…

  • CL&P Equipment Yard - Thomaston, CT

    Here's another view of the two spare 7.6/4.8kV transformers. I believe they're 166.6 KVA apiece.

  • CL&P Thomaston 2B Sub - Thomaston, CT

    Here's the sub-station on Electric Avenue that feeds the Thomaston area. It takes in 115kV and puts out 13.2/7.6kV Y. There has been a sub-station on this site for over a century now, ever since the Connecticut Power Company (CP) erected their 66kV trans…

  • CL&P Goodwin Lane 22 - East Hartford, CT

    Here's an older sub from HELCO full of copper buswork. It takes in 23 kV and puts out 4.8 kV, ungrounded delta for local distribution. Chetlaham has some good photos of the details of this sub-station: www.flickr.com/photos/68258471@N08/87128 78346/in/ph…

  • CL&P Goodwin Lane 22 - East Hartford, CT

    Here's an "overall" view of this substation, which steps 23 kV down to 4.8 kV. Detailed information: www.ipernity.com/doc/connecticut_power_l ines/20089953

  • CL&P 4.8kV - East Hampton, CT

    Here's what's left of the old bell factory substation. I suspect the transmission line and sub may go back over 90 years, but unfortunately, very little information is available on it, so we may never know its history.

  • CP 4.16kV - Torrington, CT

    This sub-station is owned by a private utility serving an industrial complex in Torrington, Connecticut. It steps 2.4/4.16kVY down to assorted distribution voltages with two old transformer banks.

  • CP 4.16kV - Torrington, CT

    Here is a close-up shot of the transformers in this little old sub. The ones on the right are very old. Also note the rusted-out "Danger High Voltage" sign on the left.

  • CP 4.16kV - Torrington, CT

    Here's a three-bank of ancient square-shaped 2.4kV-rated distribution cans. Note the shape of the primary bushings on them.

  • Danger!

    Better watch out! Those poles can zap you! Hehe...just kidding. : ) These signs are left over from when the sub-station here was mounted on the ground, before it was rebuilt into a platform-mounted "compact" sub.

  • Old Substation Signs

    Gotta love the old danger signs from HELCO, still up after that utility was absorbed by CL&P over 30 years ago.

  • CL&P 13.2kV & 4.16kV - Torrington, CT

    Here's a sub-station that was recently rebuilt to a bank of step-down transformers up on poles. It steps 13.2kV down to 4.16kV, which now only serves an industrial complex.

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