Belgium (F/D/L) - 2018

A trip through Belgium mainly, but also with short sidesteps to Germany, France and Luxembourg. We visited some abandoned industrial places, some historical sites, mines and so on. The journey will be described in reversed order, beginning in Calais and ending in Germany.

golden view

24 Sep 2018 57 35 450
After so many rusty and abandoned scenes a new stream starts here in Calais. Actually we (my daughter and I) spent about 8 days first in Belgium (well, also a short time in Germany, Luxemburg and France), where we visited again mainly industrial places. Then we took the ferry to England and travelled up the coast of Kent till Leister, then to the southern coast at Dungeness and west to Land's End in Cornwall. I will show you some pic's from this 2nd part first, hope you enjoy some of it. The ferry had more than 1 hour delay, we had to wait for the incoming tide because of some technical problems, time to enjoy the golden sunset.

Phare de Calais

24 Sep 2018 16 5 202
The Lighthouse is located in the residential streets near the Port of Calais and is a significant landmark as well as a navigational aid to ships and ferries using the Straits of Dover. It started operating in 1848 and was electrified in 1883. After escaping the destruction of the Second World War it was automated in 1987. The tower is 53m high, its octagonal outside and round inside with walls 1,90m at the base and 1,50m at the summit. The foundations descend 7,40m under the cellars. The staircase has 271 steps leading up to the lantern. The central light of the lighthouse is permanent and the lantern, whose panels shut off the light, turns around the light, giving 4 flashes of 2/10th of a second every 15 seconds.

West Pier Lighthouse Calais

24 Sep 2018 14 4 202
only for the lighthouse collection

East Pier Lighthouse Calais

24 Sep 2018 16 5 205
only for the lighthouse collection


24 Sep 2018 23 6 303
Ferry port Calais, waiting for the departure to Dover. To both sides of the ferry are the green and red West- and East-Pier "Lighthouses" of Calais.

after sunset mood

24 Sep 2018 44 17 417
ferry port Calais, waiting for the departure to Dover

waiting for departure

let's start the journey in Calais

24 Sep 2018 13 5 212
Looking over the Straits of Dover from the ferry port in Calais....West Pier Lighthouse in the foreground.

arriving in Calais

06 Oct 2018 22 14 243
and this marks the begin of a new album named "Belgium 2018" with some places situated also in France, Luxemburg and Germany. I have to warn you, we will visit many abandoned places ;-)


06 Oct 2018 31 10 327
Calais - West Pier Lighthouse, in the background Phare de Calais (see PiP)

abandoned train in Leuven

abandoned train in Leuven




06 Oct 2018 57 34 468
It's a strange story about this abandoned train, rotting on a siding track in Leuven, east of Brussels. An urban explorer posted images of this train a time ago and called it "Orientexpress". Another photographer took this story for real and posted a very detailed description and history of the real Orientexpress and so on. Today you can find numerous misleading stories. But actually it was not the Orientexpress, but a luxurious and a very intersting diesel train built in 1936 and we were happy to explore it especially inside, before it disappears. In fact, it's a Type 654 DMU (diesel multiple unit) of the Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB). Those trains were once the pride of Belgium railways, but today this is the only one left.

streamlined 654 DMU

24 Sep 2018 62 37 479
before we go inside, a frontal image, unfortunately with not ideal light conditions....;-)

electrical intestines

06 Oct 2018 11 1 138
electrical eqipment inside the 654 train

electrical intestines

06 Oct 2018 14 6 193
electrical eqipment inside the 654 train

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