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  • Clipper Brun 8-001

  • Drapé de pierre / Sone drapery

    Merci pour tous vos commentaires et visites!! Thank you for all your comments and visits!

  • Upcoming Storm...

    ~ And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  • sadness . . .

    * a sadness that needs no words to express the look in the eye of wistfulness . . . where are you going please don't leave me look into my eyes and what do you see a sadness that needs no words to express * 4U . . . *

  • T0A2341 Sky Tower pour l'Ours Noir

    Vue du pont près de la marina de Westheaven Vu de Stanley Bay Vu du 18ième étage de notre Hôtel Le Barclay suites

  • Bonne fin de journée !

    Harcourt merci de vos visites et comms !

  • Early Morning on the Trail

    I hiked the Park Butte trail after a very wet night (while waiting for dawn it had rained hard, so hard that I almost went back home). It set out before daybreak and was well along the trail when the sun finally came up.

  • Inside "Knossos Palace"

    Captured in October 2016 with Canon EOS 5DIII + EF 2,8 / 24-70 mm L II.
    By Proxar

  • fisherman´s friend ;)

    IPernianer machen sich Gedanken...hier!

  • Sprizz con Chioggia....für aNNa!

  • What Really Touches Me

    A simple wooden summit cross remembers of more than 10.000 soldiers, which died in bunkers and tunnels within that mountain: the Cima Cuaro (1.939m) near the Pasubio (Dolomiti, South Tyrol, Italy). More information:…

  • A Puddock sat by the Lochan's brim. (PiP)

    A 'Puddock' is a frog. A 'Lochan' is a small pond or lake. Around this pond were wood carvings, one of a toadstool (just seen in the background), one of a frog, and another of an owl. I haven't been able to find out who the wood carver is - yet. To list…

  • Eiszeit

    on black please

  • Tie that Red Tie

    My beloved Christian Dior red tie

  • Night of Silence

    Typical tyrolian village in wintertime, captured 5:30 p.m. (St. Jakob in Haus, Austria) ~~~~~ Ein typisches Tiroler Dorf im Winter, aufgenommen um ca. 17:30 Uhr. (St. Jakob in Haus, Österreich)

  • Footprints

    Racetrack - Death Valley National Park, March 1980 The mystery of wandering rocks: Racetrack
    By LutzP

  • Dziewanna (Verbascum L.)

    Dziewanna (Verbascum L.) – rodzaj roślin należący do rodziny trędownikowatych. Według niektórych ujęć taksonomicznych należy do niego ok. 250 gatunków występujących głównie na obszarach klimatu umiarkowanego Europy i Azji.

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