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vom Deich aus gesehen

Sonnenuntergang hinter unserem Haus

Die Sonne geht in der Nordsee unter

Wolken am Abend

Sonnenuntergang hinter dem Meer

kleiner Blick übers/aufs Ruhrtal...

Mein erstes brauchbares Mondbild *freu*

Kommt gut ins Neue Jahr 2017!!!

Olympic Victory

Mamaroneck, NY To me there is nothing purer in sports than the Olympics that bring the world together for two weeks every two years alternating between the best in winter and summer sports. It is my hope that "clean" athletes receive all the honors and when cheating is discovered, those imposters are stripped of their medals which the IOC unlike many major sports organizations seems to be doing an effective job. Last, I hope that Olympic Victory can turn into "Ipernity Victory." Then the smile of this p…

The Nativity: A Different View

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with Happiness, Prosperity, Good Health, Happiness and Peace. Created using free online clipart and images purchased from Shutterstock to incorporate elements of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Taoism for the promotion of religious tolerance. I also included the universal symbol of peace in one of the snowflakes since when religion truly serves God there can be nothing but world peace and a heart since God is Love [1 John 4…
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