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Another one of Cookie's 'pussy cat' friends. This is Zeus, he lives four doors away, doesn't come into the garden that often, so I took this while I had the chance. Taken through glass, not the best quality I'm afraid.


Original pic taken during summer last year. Hawthorn berries & a wire fence. This seemed a nice choice. From 1965, Donovan ~ 'Colours'. Listen here :~ Donovan ~ Colours Added to :~ Soundtrack to Life


Lovely afternoon, thought I'd tidy the garden up a bit. Mmm, that looks better, I'll take a picture. Just gonna click the shutter, up pops this darn cat !!!

Secret place....

On black please... Bonne semaine à tous !! :-)

Fractal Mushrooms

Ce qui arrive quand Mag Asselin fait la cuisine... ;-)
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