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  • Time to Ride

    Hahnemühle Platinum Rag, Vandyke with short Gold toning (MT10 1,5 minutes)

  • Rue de la lune

    By Magot

  • Löffel-Lith

    Fotokemika EMAKS, SE5 Lith 1+20

  • IMG 9780-copie-2

  • The cow

    Are you looking at? ON EXPLORE 21/12/2015

  • Autrefois au présent

  • Kentona

    1. Lith A+B 50+50+1000ml 5:20 minutes 2. Lith G+B 3+6+600ml 2:30 minutes

  • Eifelwald

    HP5 in efd (N+1) Kentmere Kentona, SE5 Lith A,B,D,Wasser 25+25+10+1000ml

  • always a good light ......

    ... in 2016. Peace, health, love and luck to all my dear friends and contacts. You are the salt of the earth ! Thank you all so much for warm greetings during the last days and hours.

  • Another morning web

    Being out and about early is very rewarding, but I don't make it that often! Click on it for large on black - recommended

  • Phone home

    For TSC: Pareidolia, seeing faces or forms where they aren't. ET has appeared on the side of a wooden building on our local playing field. I've photographed this a few times, but never bothered to keep the images. So I set off up the road to have a…

  • Droplets in the birdbath

    View On Black I got a new birdbath for Christmas. After a shower of rain it was full of droplets. I went to town in photoshop to make it arty. I recommend this on black Fort TSC: something new, make it into art

  • IMG 6457ac Micheline Desserving Calvi Beach Front

    Traditional countryside French train here under the pines of Corsica Bella near Calvi to desserve beaches located less than 10 meters on right, a loved image of our sweet France for me!