• any time at all

    are you ready? I've always been ready. good. me too.

  • slow boat

    are we there yet? getting closer. I'm in no hurry. me neither.

  • invitation

    well that was totally delicious. that's funny, I didn't know you liked cat food. what? you told me it was tuna! well, I'm sure there was some of that in there too. ok, then you lick my fingers. I thought you'd never ask.

  • my turn

    wanna rub my back, sweetie? sure darlin'. lower. like that? like that.

  • used to know this guy

    you did? when? a long time ago. yeah? how long? so long there's nothing left of that world but the memories. which are fading fast. tell me about it. tell you what? never mind.

  • dressy

    aren't you bored here? not with that dress you're wearing, I'm not. good answer.

  • that's fine

    thanks for letting me wear your shirt. I like it. me too. on you.

  • acceptance

    would you like to go riding today, edna? oh, yes, stanley. can we take the hounds? of course. I'll have chef prepare a light snack as well. how thoughtful of you! there is little in this world I wouldn't do for you, darling. yes, I know. thank you. this i…

  • it happened here, officer

    now, where did you say you saw this? right there, officer. I saw it. and what exactly did you see, young lady? ooh, it was gigantic. and fast. and that poor swimmer. . . there was a swimmer? yes, and he had no chance. the thing was huge. what happened to…

  • scout

    scout to base. we are approaching the enemy camp. we await your coordinates, scout. roger that. then send in the missiles. when we do, don't forget to duck. you got it, base. Jimmy 10/27/47 - 8/11/12

  • passage to a lost world

    is it far? we're almost there. what will it look like? like nothing you've ever seen before. will I like it? I promise you will. ok daddy.

  • bird dog

    he got away, man. what do you mean, he got away? he was fast. but you're a dog. that's your job. I can't fly, man. excuses. that's all I ever hear. it's tough, I know. can I shoot the boom stick now? forget it.

  • martha

    comfy? yes, very. me too. I thought so.

  • sidekick

    mind if I sit back here with you? sure. just stay on your half of the seat. I wouldn't dream of doing anything else. sure you wouldn't.

  • behind enemy lines

    any news, number 99? yes, HQ. I see new defensive walls and other structures. be careful, 99, don't get spotted. there is also a lot of activity, using shovels and pails full of water. hmmm. what do you think that means? I don't know, but can I have ice c…

  • guy

    ever see this guy before? no. you? I dunno. he looks awfully familiar though. maybe it was in a past life. could be. but which one. all of them were probably better than this. yeah, I'm not exactly progressing up the food chain. anyone can see that by loo…

  • 8:1:05 00:41:02

    how much longer? just a little. I'm bored! why don't you play with your iphone? dad! they haven't been invented yet! oh. right.

  • siren

    nice day, isn't it? do you think? you're here, aren't you? so it's very nice.

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