B/W and monochrome

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  • temptress

    you mean like this? yes, just like that.

  • insurrection

    the cell leader says the action is tonight. what's the signal? do you have security clearance? of course. level 6. ok. I'll call you. you bring the paint. I hope they like red. that'll stand out a bit around here, won't it? it's a surprise, so don't tell…

  • siren

    nice day, isn't it? do you think? you're here, aren't you? so it's very nice.

  • password

    it's time. where is he? don't worry. he'll be here. how will we recognize him? he'll be feeding the pigeons. hell, everybody's feeding the damn pigeons. and wearing a clown nose. oh, that's subtle. was that your idea? it's much easier than trying to remem…

  • along for the ride

    got a light? thought you'd never ask. what, are you shy? not around you, I'm not.

  • working vacation

    darling, lunch is ready. oh, goody. what are we having? foie gras and chips. your favorites. dreamy. but I'm sorry. I forgot the champagne. oh, well do go get it, sweetie. let's not spoil lunch. but it's 10 miles. I'll still be here when you get back. don…

  • winter sports

    how long we gotta crawl in this snow? we're close. stop your griping. yeah but boss, my ass is freezing. you rather have it shot off? hey, I'm crawling. I'm crawling.

  • sidekick

    mind if I sit back here with you? sure. just stay on your half of the seat. I wouldn't dream of doing anything else. sure you wouldn't.

  • dressy

    aren't you bored here? not with that dress you're wearing, I'm not. good answer.

  • rendezvous

    I don't see anything, clarence. that's the whole point. whaddya mean? the ship is invisible, you numbskull. well how was I supposed to know? you arrived here on it, jerry. remember? yeah, a long time ago, man! I see. you forgot. well not everybody can be…

  • any time at all

    are you ready? I've always been ready. good. me too.

  • secret

    I just thought of something. what's that? come here and I'll whisper it to you. you don't have to ask twice. I know.

  • inside

    who's in charge here, sargeant? what? ain't you?

  • starmen

    this can't be the place. yes it is. trust me. it can't be! it's an inland sea! no it's not. it only looks like it. it's here. how are we going to find it? it'll give us a signal. what kind of signal? on the radio. you brought the radio, right? uh, no. it'…

  • torture

    can't we go now? I think we've walked 6 miles. in a bit. we only have half the museum to go. is culture always so exhausting? totally worth it, right? do I have to answer?

  • angel

    have we met before? I don't recall being introduced. oh hell, got a cigarette? I'm out of smokes. I can see that this day is going to be weird. is that an issue? not with me it isn't.

  • invitation

    well that was totally delicious. that's funny, I didn't know you liked cat food. what? you told me it was tuna! well, I'm sure there was some of that in there too. ok, then you lick my fingers. I thought you'd never ask.

  • prodigy

    wanna hear something? sure, baby. ok. here's a little stravinsky. oh. I was thinking, like 3 blind mice. ha ha. daddy funny.

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