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  • Dan Dare @ The Atkinson Gallery, Southport.

    Bronze bust of Colonel Dan Dare of the Interplanet Space Fleet - Artist & illustrator Frank Hampson's best known & loved creation. Frank grew up in Southport and his studio was located in the old bakehouse studio in the town.

  • Dan Dare @ The Atkinson

    The Atkinson Art Gallery on Lord Street Southport is hosting an exhibition of Frank Hampson's work - The Atkinson is formerly an art college which Frank attended.

  • Who's Who in the Dan Dare family...

    Frank Hampson born in Manchester but moved to Southport at an early age - he made Dan a Manchester man & his batman Digby equally Northern - he was from Wigan.

  • Dan Dare

    Frank Hampson's Dan did literally come from nowhere - now Britain had a sci-fi hero the equal of American comic book heroes and with amazing artwork in many ways better than the American comics...

  • Colonel Dan...

    Dan Dare @ The Atkinson.

  • Dan Dare @ The Atkinson.

    Dan. Digby - his batman, Hank - American pilot...

  • Dan Dare @ The Atkinson.

  • My Dan Dare's Space Annual...

    I would love to say this was a Christmas present as a child...mmmm no! It's from ebay!

  • Dan Dare @ The Atkinson.

  • Cherished - my Dan Dare badge...

    DAN DARE/Frank Hampson

  • Dan Dare @ The Atkinson.

    DAN DARE/Frank Hampson

  • 'Anastasia' - Colonel Dare's Space ship.

  • Dan Dare Bagatelle game.

  • Race to Mars - game at the Atkinson...

    DAN DARE/Frank Hampson

  • Reign of the Robots - one of my favourite Dan Dare stories...

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