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  • Royal Mile woollens..

    Bright coloured scarves in a grey, misty Edinburgh

  • Snapping the Castle...


  • Edinburgh - Old Calton Cemetery.

  • Chimney pots

    Edinburgh, Lawnmarket

  • Edinburgh Castle, Greyfriars Kirk in the foreground

    Edinburgh in April - dank and unpleasantly chilly!

  • Happy Easter everyone!

    Joyeuses Paques a tous! Allen frohe Ostern! Gelukkige Posen voor iedeeren! Felices Pascuas para todos!

  • Travel Ephemera

    Always looking out for it!

  • A good place to stay...

    The cornerstone of your hols... Travel Ephemera

  • I can never resist a train journey...

    Travel Ephemera

  • Short break in Amsterdam?

    Travel Ephemera

  • Maybe a cruise?

    Cunard Caronia Postcard. Travel Ephemera

  • BEA & BOAC...

    ...Soon to become British Airways.

  • British European Airways...Domestic flights

    Travel Ephemera

  • London... an international stamp exhibition...tempting! Travel Ephemera

  • British road trip?

    It pays to say ESSO! Travel Ephemera

  • Cornwall this year?

    Looking back for future travel inspiration... Travel Ephemera

  • Travel Ephemera...

    Travel Ephemera....Jumble sale, junk shop or car boot, I can never resist!

  • BEA Domestic flights & regional offices

    British European Airways 1940s to 1970s - merged with British Overseas Airways Corporation to create British Airways. Travel Ephemera

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