Orange 4

A final three photos taken of the bunch of vivid orange Gerbera Daisies that I bought recently.


What a beautiful five and a half hours I spent this afternoon at the Calgary Zoo! My day started off at 9:15 a.m. with a birding walk at Inglwood Bird Sanctuary. It had snowed overnight and was snowing heavily for my long drive. Weather was awful, roads were awful, traffic was awful! Our walk was in a winter wonderland, but my photos don't even begin to do it justice! Around noon, I went straight from the Bird Sanctuary to the nearby Zoo and the weather changed to blue sky and sunshine. Headed straigh…

My little buddy

This little Burrowing Owl at the Calgary Zoo screeched loudly every time I walked past him/her. There are several of them loose in the Conservatory at the Zoo - fun to watch. Happy Feathery Friday, everyone!

Another one bites the dust

Took this almost two years ago south of the city, at a place called William's Coulee. I first caught sight of the beautiful butterfly and was surprised that it didn't fly away as I slowly approached. When I got close, I saw the reason. It was this Crab Spider's lunch!

Close encounter

My usual little White-breasted Nuthatch (male). Happy Feathery Friday, everyone!

Bow Valley Provincial Park

A view taken at the Bow Valley Provincial Park in Alberta, right at the start of the mountains. An amazing area of wetlands and river as far as wildife and plants are concerned. You can find several different kinds of orchids here.

Mt. Lorette area 4

These six photos show where I spent part of the day today! Not actually on these ski slopes, known as Nakiska, but in the area at the foot of Mt. Allan. Twice a year, Golden Eagles migrate over this area and the trip today was to see if we could see any of these amazing birds flying over. They appear only as tiny black specks to the naked eye. Actually, I think I was too focussed on the scenery and didn't see any Eagles, other than a Bald Eagle.

Winner of the staring contest

This is Lorenzo, a male Andean Condor, one of a pair brought to the Calgary Zoo about two weeks ago. Males have browny/yellow eyes, and females have red eyes. "The Andean Condor, Argentinean Condor, Bolivian Condor, Chilean Condor, Colombian Condor, Ecuadorian Condor or Peruvian Condor (Vultur gryphus), is a species of bird in one of the vulture families. It is in many regards the largest flying land bird in the Western Hemisphere and is the heaviest, but not the lengthiest, member of the order Ciconiifor…

A good old shake

I think this is the adult female Snowy Owl at the Calgary Zoo - i.e. Mom. Her three young ones from last year all look like her now. She was exercising her wings for a moment. Happy Feathery Friday, everyone!
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