Purple beauty

Saw this beauty at the Calgary Zoo in the Conservatory. This photo was at #31 in Explore on 26th January 2007.

What big claws you have

These White-breasted Nuthatches have large claws to help them when they walk down tree trunks head first! Danny, this is one of YOUR Nuthatches. The highest this got in Explore was #201 on 1st February 2007.

Get out of my face!

There is a definite hierarchy amongst Black-cappd Chickadees. I often see one chasing off another, but these two little things seemed to be just a bit longer in action. The position of the legs in the top bird makes me smile.

There's no time like snow time

It was only maybe -13C early this morning when I left home about 6:45 a.m.. All day, it has felt SO cold - just three or four seconds without my glove each time I wanted to take a photo and it was excrutiatingly painful! The sun has been shining all day - cold and beautiful. The highest this photo got in Explore was #66 on 4th February 2007.

In the blink of an eye

This little guy was just too quick for me this afternoon! Didn't want to waste the beautiful wing and feet blur! Now, if only I had got the head in as well... This photo appeared in Explore on 4th February 2007, coming in at #360.

Down by the river

This path takes one by the Elbow River that runs through Weaselhead. Sunrise added a pleasant glow to the ice- and snow-covered river.

Deep in thought

A moment of rest - such an unusual thing to see with these tiny birds. I am so looking forward to being able to take some brighter, "warmer" photos!

I don't WANT my picture taken!

Caught this little Nuthatch in a rather strange pose, but that blue sky from a week ago sure looks good at the moment. This photo is #264 today, 10th February 2007.

This gentle creature

This White-tailed Deer was with about four others yesterday afternoon. I just liked the way it tilted its head to feed on a branch. This photo is at #69 in Explore on 11th February 2007. Thanks everyone!
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