Anne Elliott

Anne Elliott

Posted on 09/05/2016

Photo taken on September  3, 2016

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Anne Elliott
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W of Calgary
West Bragg Creek Natural Area
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Leccinum insigne
3 September 2016
Aspen Roughstem Bolete
rough stem

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Aspen Roughstem Bolete / Leccinum insigne

Aspen Roughstem Bolete / Leccinum insigne
This is the Labour Day long weekend in Canada, celebrated on the first Monday of September (in 2016, on 5 September) and it is a federal statutory holiday. It is also observed in the United States on the same day. It is a partly cloudy day today, with a temperature of just 10C (feeling like 7C), but so far the sun is still shining. Yesterday was cold and I have to admit I turned on my heating for the first time yesterday evening! Lots of yellow leaves on the trees - and I think fall has already arrived.

Sorry, I've had the chance to see and photograph mushrooms on maybe three or four occasions recently, so I will be posting what some of you may consider far too many fungi shots : ) Sadly, they are usually just shots for the record, as I can't get down and move every blade of grass, etc..

The Aspen Bolete in this photo was taken two days ago, on 3 September 2016, a fungi morning, which was quite rewarding and definitely fun. Our leader and friend, Karel, is very knowledgeable about fungi and he took 14 of us (plus Karel's two beautiful Beagles) on a foray to West Bragg Creek, maybe an hour's drive west of the city. We had been here a few times over the years, either looking for fungi or on botany outings.

Photographing our findings usually means that I am way at the back of the group or have fallen back with a friend or two. Consequently, the mushrooms have often already been plucked/cut by the time we catch up to the rest of the participants. I also miss a lot of what is being said about IDs and details. It would take far too long to write down the name of each find - each photo taken would have to be carefully numbered so that the right name could be attached and this would be such a hassle when out with a group. Since this outing, Karel has sent an email containing several photos along with IDs. The rest of my photos will have to be just nameless 'pretty pictures' : ) I must add here that any IDs that I give are always tentative, as I know so little about fungi. Another thing to add is that I never, ever pick and eat wild mushrooms!! Too many look similar, some edible, others poisonous. If you are not a fungi expert, never take the risk of eating any of them.

I met up with friend, Sandy, at 8:15 am and she drove us out to the meeting place. My drive from home was done with my windshield wipers on my new car working non-stop - was it raining? No, it had rained the day before - hail, too, on my gleaming new vehicle that I had only had for five days! I needed to clean the windshield, but, once again, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to turn the wipers off. Amazes me how complicated the wiper options are!

Our morning walk started off by going across the small bridge, then part way up the hill and then bush-whacking our way through the forest. This walk, which ended around lunch time, was the main one, but we did stop at a small, gravel parking area a few minutes along the main road, to do a second walk to check for any different mushrooms. This extra walk has yielded a few beauties in past years. Perhaps the most interesting find was a very small twig that had several tiny, turquoise coloured fungi cups on it. The colour looks so out of place in a natural area. My photos of them didn't turn out very well, but I will eventually post one of them, just for the very unusual colour.

From here, a few of us stopped at the Cinnamon Spoon cafe in Bragg Creek for lunch. Always a most enjoyable way to finish any outing. Before we climbed into the car for our return drive to Calgary, Sandy and I wandered into the beautiful Art Gallery, owned and run by Bob and Candy Cook. Named Branded Visuals Inc.(Printing Services/Wildlife Gallery), this small store is overflowing with Bob's absolutely amazing photographic works of art. Thanks so much, Bob and Candy, for remembering our chance meeting a number of years ago, down in Fish Creek Park, and for your overly generous words about my own photography.

Thanks so much, Karel, for giving us a great morning! We really appreciate your passing on your knowledge to us. The same thanks go to Suzanne, the mushroom specialist in Calgary. Sandy, really appreciate the ride there and back!

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