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  • Conveyance

    Morrisville, NC

  • Loose

    Kids turned loose, Perry Township, Indiana

  • Standup

    Paddleboarder on the water at Vanderbilt Beach, Naples FL.

  • Outside Plains

    Scene near Paradise, Montana, looking over the Bridger Range north of Bozeman.

  • Bogue Sound

    An inlet near Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina.

  • Tabletop

    A view from a makeshift perch on a picnic table at one of Brown County State Park's many scenic overlooks, near Nashville, Indiana. It feels strange to say "no filter" since this was shot with redscale (which is just film wound backward on the spool) th…

  • Streaming In

    Our 1949-ish house came with a display shelf in the dining room, with this cool textured glass panel behind it. Behind that's the front door we like to leave open, and on certain mornings you get this.

  • Frolickers

    My friend, seeing this one and "Hitcher," asked me what was my thought behind including these blurry photos. I told her that it was, as you might guess, an accident -- the camera's shutter was set to Bulb instead of Normal. But I kept them because I told…

  • Hitcher

    Veda gets a piggyback ride across the sand from her aunt, who was too excited about a beach day to mind having her picture taken.

  • Breakdown

    My wife and her mom pack up the camper, off to the next adventure. Near Milford, IN

  • Offshore

  • Saint Paul's, Warfleigh

    A tree in the courtyard of a church here in Indianapolis. I'd ignored the picture for a long time, but my daughter saw it on my screen the other day and said "That one looks like a storybook!"

  • Rowr

    I love photographing my cat, but I understand it's pretty boring for her.

  • Lope

  • Little Grayson

  • Lebanon

  • Grounded

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