• My Maundy Thursday - my trusty bike waiting for me

  • Combatting the growing problem of strange bikes

    translation: Do not place strange bikes here! They will be removed.

  • Abandoned child's scooter and bicycle

  • A few days to spare...

    translation: this bike will be removed on Monday, August 21.

  • Merc, bikes and boat

    Mercedes, bikes and boat

  • Cut in my bicycle tyre

    This deep cut is the result of driving over a glass (not a piece of glass, but an actual glass. It was left on the street by a drunken? reveller. It was a gin-and-tonic glass, so at least it must have been a stylish reveller). The inner tyre received a si…

  • Special tool to split the rear fork of a bicycle

    Basically it works like a jack, creating enough space between the axle and the fork to squeeze in the tyre.

  • The special tool at work

    Pieces of cloth to prevent damage to the paintwork. See www.flickr.com/photos/govert1970/3661088 06 and www.flickr.com/photos/govert1970/3661082 29 for the background.

  • G-Star Raw

    Shot while I was cycling

  • Bloemendaal is popular with cyclists

    Because of the dunes, Bloemendaal has a few hills, so it is popular with cyclists who want to practise their "mountain" climbing skills.

  • Hellaas verwijdert

  • Red light for cyclists

  • After the drinks, cat petting

    That bike is mine, by the by.

  • Cycling

  • Bicycle

  • BMX Bandit

  • Advertisements for Fongers bicycles

    Fongers started in 1884 with the production of bicycles. The company was sold in 1960 to another bicycle company. Fongers was known for producing high-quality bicycles with corresponding prices. These ads are from 1914.

  • Advertisements for Fongers bicycles

    English translation: Who buys a Fongers, will receive value for money. "The construction of Fongers bicycles is simple and . Form and measurements are such like, that, also because of the useage of suitable material, a very high solidity is achieved, wher…

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