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  • moon with treescape

    Cut-paper collage created for Kollage Kit theme: "The Moon."

  • Party Time front sleeve

  • dark eyes

    HSB-Werkstatt. Wernigerode

  • Veuillez nous excuser de l'interruption de l'image

  • Bette Davis Eyes

    Modern Screen - August 1938 issue. Striking Bette Davis cover by Earl Christy.

  • Behind the Flying Saucers

    "Behind the Flying Saucers. Frank Scully. The book everyone is talking about. Popular Library. Earle Bergey." Earle K. Bergey's wonderfully frightening cover illustration of saucers in the sky and panic in the streets certainly helped to make this "the b…

  • come closer

  • Herbie - number 8

    ACG Comics. March, 1965. Art by Ogden Whitney.

  • Donut King

    Los Angeles County

  • demented mickey

  • when newton rings attack

  • quiet solitude

  • Photobooth Portrait of Woman, Man, and Bear

    A woman and man pose with unique hats and a teddy bear in a photobooth shot. People in old photographs like this are looking to you for your help in keeping Ipernity going. If you enjoy viewing vintage photos like the ones I post or if you like to perus…

  • above the entryway

    sort of misjudged the exposure on this one.

  • falling

  • with bright lights they beckon

  • sparring personalities

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