Fall Colors, Picture 1, Edited Version, Haje, Prague, CZ, 2013

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Beginning of Fall, Picture 5, Milichovsky Les, Haj…

05 Apr 2008 381
I don't know very much about trees, but these were among the more colorful ones I found.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 8, Milichovsky Les, Haj…

05 Apr 2008 378
I got out so early in 2007 that many of the trees were still green. Nevertheless, you can see a lot of ones mixed into the green which are changing.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 9, Milichovsky Les, Haj…

05 Apr 2008 392
Here's another example of the trees just beginning to turn.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 10, Milichovsky Les, Ha…

05 Apr 2008 356
And here's another partially green tree shot.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 12, Milichovsky Les, Ha…

05 Apr 2008 393
This is one of my better ones, but it took me a few tries on these to get the sunlight right. They were actually a lot more colorful than this.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 15, Milichovsky Les, Ha…

05 Apr 2008 344
This was my best shot of the series, I think, although I've cranked the contrast up slightly. The exposure was the key, as it was light without being too light, so when I cranked the contrast up in Gimp, it worked really well.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 15 High Saturation Edit…

05 Apr 2008 347
Not completely satisfied with my more realistic edit, I decided to do a super saturated version of Picture 15 to see what people would think of it.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 16, Milichovsky Les, Ha…

05 Apr 2008 324
Here's another shot of Milichovsky Rybnik, showing as in many cases that Milichovsky Les is right up against Sidliste Haje, making for a weird contrast that is nevertheless very typical of the Czech Republic.

Beginning of Fall, Picture 18, Milichovsky Les, Ha…

05 Apr 2008 364
Does anybody know what kind of berries these are? They're all over Haje, and I don't know enough about botany to know. In fact, I can barely identify different types of trees. :-)

Beginning of Fall, Picture 20, Sidliste Haje, Prag…

05 Apr 2008 366
I'll be the first to admit that this photo isn't very attractive, but I wanted to get another shot of the berry trees, whatever kind they are. This shot wasn't in Milichovsky Les, though, but Sidliste Haje. The Czech sidliste projects, whatever negative things people say about them, are in the vast majority of cases landscaped, making them far more green and pleasant than most such places that I've seen elsewhere.

Maple Leaves, Milichovsky Les, Haje, Prague, CZ, 2…

05 Apr 2008 272
Again in reference to my ignorance, if these aren't maple leaves then please let me know!! :-) For some reason this shot didn't make it into my "Beginning of Fall" series, and I can't recall why.

Maple Leaves, Picture 2, Milichovsky Les, Haje, Pr…

05 Apr 2008 296
Here's an alternate to the first maple leaf shot.

Fall Colors, Prague, CZ, 2007

05 Apr 2008 354
The title of this is dumb, I know, but what else could I call it? Unfortunately, the gloomy weather hurt the colors somewhat. They looked a lot better in real life.

Fall Colors, Picture 2, Prague, CZ, 2007

05 Apr 2008 307
Here's a better version of the first Fall Colors shot. I've only posted the earlier one in case I'm wrong.

Fall Colors, Strelecky Ostrov, Prague, CZ, 2007

05 Apr 2008 238
Strelecky Ostrov is a small island in the River Vltava which sits between the Mala Strana and the Stare Mesto. It's very easy to get to, as there are stone steps right off of the Most Legii, and concerts and other public events are routinely held there.

Fall Colors, Picture 2, Strelecky Ostrov, Prague,…

05 Apr 2008 361
Here's an alternate shot of Strelecky Ostrov.

Fall Colors, Picture 3, Strelecky Ostrov, Prague,…

16 Apr 2008 293
There are a surprisingly large number of barges still on the River Vltava today, in spite of the river being primarily used by tourist boats of one sort or another. Composed with Strelecky Ostrov with full Fall colors in the background, I liked this shot enough to upload it.

Fall Foliage, Picture 3, Vrchlickeho Sady, Prague,…

16 Apr 2008 279
One part of Prague that doesn't have the greatest reputation, but which nevertheless can lend itself to photography quite well, is the area around Hlavni Nadrazi, or "Sherwood Forest," as locals derisively call it for the alleged crime, of which I've seen very little. There are a lot of exceptionally repulsive bums around, but less so every year. In general the police have been trying to clean the place up in preparation for the opening of the newly-renovated Hlavni Nadrazi in a couple of years (I don't know the scheduled completion date).

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