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  • Autumn fusion

    The golden leaves of Autumn mixes here with the onset of Winter frost. A sunny walk along my local byways and countryside once again delivers the goods.

  • Tourist Carriages, Schloß Schönbrunn, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße, Vienna, Austria

  • Autumn glory.

    Yet another view of Stourhead. Hope you are not getting bored !!!

  • Eichhörnchen (Sciurus vulgaris)

    Berlin-Tempelhof Photo license: MMXVII © Photography & Digital Imagery

  • From Zennor Head to Gurnard's Head

    Cornish cliff top scenery!

  • Golden Larch, Wykeham Forest, North Yorkshire

    Best enlarged

  • Fishing boat off the Isle of Arran

  • Ballerina

    Bewick's swan at the Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust

  • Malachite kingfisher

  • Seaside robin

    Isle of Arran, Scotland

  • Lapinou ...

    ... est aux aguets ! Observation et écoute ! www.guydelphotos.fr guydel-nature.jimdo.com "Explore" le 17/09/2017 page 10

  • wk37-17 3587

    Nuthatch: Early visitor to our feeders, it was December last year and January the year before that. Looks like she has bought the family along too. See PIP

  • Tower Bridge, London

    By Majka

  • HFF from Glen Etive everyone

    Best enlarged The fence to the right is a 'deer fence' used to prevent the animals making a meal of sapling and young trees.

  • HFF!

    Field in Tolgullow, Scorrier, Cornwall

  • Madame et son chien

  • St Agnes' Head

    Gorse and heather are rampant on this section of the South West Peninsula Coast Path.

  • Sierra de La Cabrera

    From the ridge looking down onto the town of La Cabrera. Granite scenery. I waited ages to get some vultures in view but not that day, alas! I had to move on as eventually I had to catch my bus back to Madrid!

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