Basset Cove and Crane Islands, (well they are islands at very high tides!).

Coasts, mainly Cornwall

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Basset Cove and Crane Islands, (well they are isla…

17 Aug 2012 21 26 375
An all time favourite (in my top 10!). North Cliffs, Cornwall on a lovely day. Shot taken in 2012. Today it would not be possible as this section of coast just here in front of me has crumbled into the sea.

Ralph's Cupboard at low tide

10 Aug 2017 43 53 416
Only accessible by sea. I didn't know who Ralph was nor what was in his cupboard! But Keith Burton kindly rode to the rescue with this link! Sunbathing on this beach is NOT recommended due to frequent rockfalls!

North Cliffs, Cornwall

30 Aug 2012 33 53 381
View from above Greenbank Cove, past Crane Islands to Porthcadjack.

Greenbank Cove. The path to the beach.

02 Aug 2011 7 9 260
For micritter, who appreciates the subtleties of well-calculated risk! North Cliffs, Cornwall.

Loch Scavaig, Skye

02 Sep 1978 33 42 380
Near our climbing hut. We booked this place a few times in the late 70s from the Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland (JMCS) and had some terrific times here, especially on the Cuillin Ridge. A scanned slide from a series of slides that had become somewhat degraded. Most were useless, a few, such as this, still had a little merit in them so I decided to post.

HFF number two! I'm in a generous mood!

03 Aug 2017 27 38 346
Penzance Harbour and St Michael's Mount.

St Agnes' Head, Cornwall

01 Aug 2017 24 30 318
A riot of heather and gorse adjoins the South West Peninsula Coast Path.

The Mad Burn, Black Cuillins, Skye

03 Sep 1978 13 16 282
From a scanned slide. Shot taken in 1978.

Zennor Coast

03 Aug 2017 17 22 274
Typical weather but it also has a wild kind of charm! View from Bosigran Head, past Boswednack, to Gurnard's Head, Zennor, Cornwall

Cornish colour fantasy.

20 Jul 2012 43 51 453
Some will remember this from Pano and 23 hq. Pure fantasy with a bit of tweaking of tone but the colours at that moment were not far off this! Bosigran Head, Zennor, Cornwall - the main climbing cliff.

St Agnes' Head

27 Jul 2012 14 15 216
Granite cliffs, Cornwall

Poseidon looking angry!

27 Jul 2012 19 26 225
(...or Neptune, if you prefer!) Basset Cove, Cornwall If you are unsure about the title, ask me!


01 Aug 2015 47 47 494
Tubby's Head, St Agnes. Cornwall,

Godrevy Lighthouse

14 May 2013 40 41 461
Taken from Godrevy Point at low tide..

Cornish coastal colours, St Agnes' Head,

24 Jul 2012 45 54 605
Granite, lichen and rock samphire

Tubby's Head (full screen best)

15 Aug 2014 35 43 416
Atlantic meets granite.

H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

09 Jul 2012 25 41 396
Gurnard's Head, Zennor, Cornwall, Looking landwards. Full screen please.

Ralph's Cupboard, Portreath

10 Aug 2017 26 32 365 for the story of Ralph and his cupboard! (Thanks to Keith Burton!)

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