Basset Cove and Crane Islands, (well they are islands at very high tides!).

Coasts, mainly Cornwall

Porthcadjack. H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

14 Aug 2015 50 50 165
Samphire and Asparagus Islands, South West Peninsula Coast Path, Cornwall. (Godrevy Lighthouse on the horizon). Added to Project 21, quarterly offering; coastal scenes.

H. A. N. W. E. everybody!

09 Aug 2018 47 47 169
Fisherman's Cove and The Knavocks, Reskajeage, Cornwall. Apparently an 'official' nudist beach but since it went official, the naturists have gone elsewhere!

Sally's Bottom -For Keith who was desperately unha…

28 Jul 2011 41 37 162
Mini waterfall at Sally's Bottom, Porthtowan, Cornwall. Sally was reputed to be a Cornish ogress. Best on Z. This little waterfall as seen from the side and a shot from another occasion:

Near Sally's Bottom, South West Peninsula Coastpat…

28 Jul 2011 47 53 206
And she didn't give permission. The coast line between Porthtowan and Portreath, Cornwall. In the far distance is Godrevy Lighthouse and even further, St Ives.

North Cliffs between Basset Cove and Porthcadjack

01 Sep 2011 41 40 190
High summer, a Cornish beach. golden sands, a glorious day and not a soul!

Even more coastal erosion

08 Aug 2014 55 67 193
Near Porthtowan, Cornwall. The coast path went across here not all that long ago. Full screen best here I think.

More erosion / unstable cliff.

05 Aug 2014 46 36 175
Not far from Mutton Cove, Reskajeage, Cornwall.

H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

20 Aug 2012 42 39 168
Basset Cove, Cornwall. The path to the beach can be made out at the bottom left hand corner. It isn't for the vertiginous or the faint-hearted! Yet I have seen teams of surfers carry their boards down and back up and moving at a terrific pace! Sea carrot in the foreground.

Ancient field wall, heather and granite.

23 Aug 2012 47 53 178
Bosigran, Zennor, Cornwall. South West Peninsula Coast Path. The remains of neolithic field walls said to be the oldest stone constructions still used for their original purpose and possibly up to 8,000 years old.

Basset Cove at low tide.

19 Jul 2012 50 34 165
Cornwall. Rocky shoreline.

Basset Cove from Crane Islands at low tide.

19 Aug 2011 37 33 153
Basset Cove lies between Porthcadjack Cove and Greenbank Cove. I have walked along here often but rarely descended to it or ascended from it even though there is a car park and a (steep) access point to the beach.

More coastal erosion near Porthtowan.

08 Aug 2014 50 48 159
A little further along the coast than the previousy posted erosion shot.

...Hmmmm... now let me see ... Yes, I'm sure the p…

08 Aug 2014 63 87 530
Photo taken in August 2014. I previously walked this stretch of coast path in the summer of 2010 and the path did indeed go straight across from this point! A massive land slip had occurred in those few years. Porthtowan and St Agnes Beacon can be seen. First posted on ipernity in 2018. Better on large.

Bat-friendly capped mineshafts.

08 Aug 2014 41 55 164
Near Porthtowan, Cornish coast path. These mineshafts would once have been capped with concrete but now they are given grilles to enable access for the colonies of bats that use them.

HFF everyone!!

14 Aug 2011 58 76 522
View from Carn Marth to Carrick Roads (Falmouth Docks just about visible), Cornwall. Yes, there is a fence in there! Photo from 2011, first posted on ipernity 2016. Montbretia and heather in the foreground.

Chun Quoit

20 Jul 2012 64 88 925
Chun Quoit (quoit = Cornish for dolmen). Although small, it is the best preserved quoit in Cornwall. All the others have dislodged capstones or some other disturbance. These are presumed to be burial chambers but no burial remains have ever been found. They were all originally buried under a mound of stones and earth but erosion in the harsh environment of West Penwith and the action of tomb robbers has meant that you can see the vestiges of the mound only at one quoit; here, at Chun. Estimated to be approx. 6,000 years old. Sited in Morvah parish, West Penwith, Cornwall. Misspelt Quiot on Google maps! Photo; July 20, 2012.

St Agnes' Head from Tubby's Head

11 Jul 2012 38 52 1272
Lichen and rock samphire in the foreground. Taken July 2012 and first posted on ipernity 2016.

Cape Cornwall

04 Aug 2018 64 61 483
Viewed from Carn Gloose. For Pam! A strange day where the light was generally good but there was a pervading misty atmosphere, hence no horizon to speak of. Taken 2018 and posted first 2018.

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