Fat whitewalls

Trucks Vol.2

Lonesome Ford

Old Ford

09 Mar 2019 2 161
In front of the American Legion Post. It's always got cars in front and I hear there's a bar inside. Probably poker games, too.

1952 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton flatbed

21 Mar 2019 5 4 221
The 1950s is my favorite era for pickup trucks of any brand, but I am especially partial to the look of Chevys.

1969 Chevrolet C20

21 Mar 2019 5 4 171
Old pickups are a common sight around here and most are still being driven. None of them look pretty. ;-)

Threatening sky

Vintage Kenworth logging truck...

03 May 2019 3 70
...and a big Bantam digger.

Big Red Mack

03 May 2019 8 10 122
A very handsome oldie in nice condition, maybe late 50s, early 1960s.

Rob Schmoe

03 May 2019 7 9 118
Mid-50s, possibly a Kenworth.This man had a yard full of rust, which he graciously let me photograph. As always when I meet a local logger - retired or otherwise - he knew my logging family.

Basking in his success

06 Sep 2018 6 4 280
He is holding his driver's Learning Permit so casually, but inside he is shouting for joy!

Passed the test!


06 Sep 2018 13 18 282
In his mom's 1970s Chevrolet pickup, which she has had since she was in high school.

Leaving home

In transit (PiP)

10 Jul 2019 5 13 198
They made me sad, peeking through the holes. See the PiP. To answer your questions: it's a cattle trailer with a truck pulling it.

Truck stop

11 Jul 2019 4 2 171
Photo taken through a cafe window, so reflections of the ceiling lights are seen.

Truck stop

11 Jul 2019 2 2 138
Nothing to see, here.

Fence with matching truck

16 Jul 2019 1 8 184
The hill is marked OT - Oregon Tech. The campus is down the hill from the sign. There are three more hill signs on the hills, all south and southeast of the one above. K for Klamath Union High School; M for Mazama High School; H for Henley High School.


16 Jul 2019 6 9 75
Vintage White Freightliner dump truck.

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