Fat whitewalls

Trucks Vol.2

Workout station

22 Jul 2019 1 5 170
This large yard is completely covered in trucks, cars, trailers, sheds, equipment, tires and vehicle parts. A big house on the lot (not shown, thank goodness) is surrounded by a sort of berm of colorful trash. Only one item is placed by the street for someone to take home. If you wish, you can also buy honey.


05 Mar 2020 3 4 90
I am lurking behind Bi-Mart just for fun. That is the Comfort Inn. There have been three shootings within a week in Klamath Falls, probably to do with drugs. Really unheard of (though plenty of assaults). That has nothing to do with my lurking.

Old potato hauling truck

17 Oct 2020 5 4 68
I live in potato, alfalfa, mixed-grass hay, wheat and barley country. Also sugar beets, onions, garlic, horseradish and mint. (Mint? That's what is says on KlamathFarmandRanch.com) Farmers are struggling with another year of drought.

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