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Elk skull

Elk skull
This one had an unlucky encounter with a hunter. See PiP.
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M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !! ( Marj ), kiiti, Jean-luc Drouin, Ulrich John and 3 other people have particularly liked this photo

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HappySnapper club
I bet the hunter was pleased with himself. Looking at the position of the bullet hole I reckon the animal was already down on the ground when the fatal shot was fired.
4 months ago. Edited 4 months ago.
Diane Putnam club has replied to HappySnapper club
I'll be he was grazing.
4 months ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
An interesting series of Elk remains Diane - not the sort of thing we're likely to see in the UK.
4 months ago.
Diane Putnam club has replied to Keith Burton club
Lol - no, I doubt it! Thanks, Keith.
4 months ago.
 Sylvain Wiart
Sylvain Wiart club
another Second Amendment advocate ?
4 months ago.
Diane Putnam club has replied to Sylvain Wiart club
Almost certainly. But, hunting is a legitimate use of a rifle. They do not need military-style guns for this, in fact it is illegal to hunt with them. Owners of that kind of weapon just cry about the right to own them and a large majority of Americans want to place restrictions on those. But, our representatives are too cowardly to ban them - again. Actually, they were banned until that law expired during George W. Bush's administration. Republicans refused to renew the law, so that is how it stands.
4 months ago.
M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… club has replied to Diane Putnam club
Maybe the Gun merchants control the purse strings for the Senate !!!
3 months ago.
polytropos club
You just find such things in your environment?
In the thumbnail it looked to me like a sandtrooper from "Star Wars". ;-)
4 months ago.
Diane Putnam club has replied to polytropos club
Yes we do, though not very commonly. The elk would have been "field dressed" and the meat & antlers taken home.* The rest is left for bears, wolves and coyotes to clean up. An entire elk is way too heavy to carry home. Deer are carried in the back of a hunter's truck - like my dad used to do. A pack of wolves traverses the area pictured, moving back and forth between Oregon and California. So, there are also skeletal remans left by animal predators, too.

*Antlers are proof to a game warden that it was a male elk and of a certain age - in case one should stop the hunter in the woods or on the way home.
4 months ago. Edited 4 months ago.
 Pat Del
Pat Del club
Poor elk !
4 months ago.
Diane Putnam club has replied to Pat Del club
Well, that's how I feel, too, but there is a lot of game here and it's eaten by a hunter's family, not just left on the ground.
4 months ago.
 Jean Paul Capdeville
Jean Paul Capdeville club
bonjour Diane. Il y a quelques années, je cherchais des champignons lorsque j'ai trouvé un magnifique bois de cerf. ( un seul, pas deux ) je l'ai emmené avec moi. J'avais trés peur, je craignais que si quelqu'un me voyait on me prendrait pour un braconnier.. En fait je ne savais pas que les cerfs perdent naturellement leurs bois a une certaine période.(Il est toujours là prés de moi) Tous les chasseurs ne sont pas des prédateurs mais il y en a aussi et partout C'est vrai que chez vous le problême est majoré par l'utilisation peu ou non controlées de certains calibres et armes militaires. Vu d'ici, ça parait parfois surréaliste. Amitié. Jean paul
3 months ago.
 M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !! ( Marj )
M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… club
That is so sad, animals of this world don't stand a chance in this day & age !!!
3 months ago.

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