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Objects Vol. 3


28 Mar 2018 7 8 140
Due to Andy's and tiabunna's burning desire to know what is meant by Clear Diesel, I found this and hope they'll stop worrying about it:

Wood, plastic, cardboard

Sears: Recycling

The instrument


Let's do karate

Little Debbie

22 Mar 2018 8 11 149
The logo is "Little Debbie", a brand of pseudo-pastry treats similar to Hostess (maker of Twinkies - yum!). The company is in Tennessee and their packaging and products still have a 1960s look.

Ape with grapes

This way to Ortega

Layer as needed

Cardboard buffalo

Complexion Elixir

28 Mar 2018 3 10 209
Right, this stuff is going to fix complexions.

The original SPAM

02 Apr 2018 7 18 111
GIs spread this stuff around the world during WWII. Buy a can, go camping, fry outdoors until caramelized, serve with eggs. I swear, it's delicious that way (and that way only). 25% less sodium? Sodium isn't the problem.

Bone Daddy's

28 Mar 2018 3 4 155
Just add tequila, triple sec, dip rim of glass in salt...mmmmm! The "mix" is mostly highly concentrated lemon, lime and simple syrup. I could guzzle Margaritas down like lemonade in my youth. ;-b

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