* 2008-02-12 update *

we've just published a new proposal here: http://www.ipernity.com/group/36490/discuss/13963

Dear all,

Since ipernity is suitable for a global, public audience including family audience, we feel concerned about protecting children from potentially harmful content, and helping members in choosing what they want to access or not.

Our current system is not good enough to prevent access to inappropriate content and we aim to substitute it by a rating and filtering system.

We'd like to share our thinking with you and to collect your comments, opinions, ideas... Our goal is to satisfy both members and visitors, not to promote any kind of censorship.

You are welcome to join our workshop group: content rating and filtering system.

Your ipernity Team 

 The results of our first thinking 

Context and challenge

We operate under the French law. It's our starting point and we cannot derogate from it.
It particular means :
- people under 18 cannot access to porn and extremely violent content
- some specific contents are legal in some countries but are illegal under the French law (racism, apology of drugs...)

The law is not detailed enough to protect people against potentially harmful content according to their age (kids) or their choice (adults). That's the reason while lots of content rating systems exist, such as ICRA for internet, PEGI and ESRB for videogames and various systems for television. These systems are all different because they all match a specific context (laws, cultures, religions, languages...).

The challenge for ipernity is to find a system both suitable with an international and multicultural audience (mainly West European and North American), and easily understandable and usable by our members. 

 Content rating system

- green: for all ages, with little or no violence, non-sexual to no nudity
- orange: not suitable for children, with moderate violence, language and some soft sexual content
- red: restricted to adults, with strong violence, strong language and explicit sexual content
- black: illegal/illicit

- Rated contents are: articles, photos, videos, audios, other docs.
- Members must rate their own contents when uploading or posting (default rating settings available).

Rating guidelines

 Illegal / illicit content
 Paedophilia, childish pornography
 Copyrights infringement
 Incitement or depiction of discrimination or harm against any individual or group based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, religious or national identity
 Revisionism, Holocaust denial, Nazis exhibitions
 Incitement of crimes and offences
 Apology of the use of illegal drugs
 Invasion of privacy
 All content against the French law
 Visible genitals
 Depiction of partial nudity in a sexual innuendo or explicit context (no visible genitals but exposed female breasts, bare buttocks and/or pubic hairs)
 Depiction of partial nudity in a non sexual context (no visible genitals but exposed female breasts, bare buttocks and/or pubic hairs). For instance : lady breast feading a baby, topless sunbathing, ancient Greek sculptures...
 None of the above
 Sexual material
 Erections / explicit sexual acts
 Visible sexual touching
 Explicit sexual language
 Obscured or implied sexual acts
 Passionate kissing
 None of the above
 Assault / rape
 Torture or killing of human beings / animals
 Blood and dismemberment, human beings / animals
 Injury to human beings / animals
 Torture or killing of fantasy characters
 Blood and dismemberment, fantasy characters
 Injury to fantasy characters
 None of the above
 Profanity or swearing
 Abusive or vulgar terms
 Mild expletives
 None of the above
 Potentially harmful activities
 Glamorisation of crime
 Depiction of illegal drugs use
 Encouragement of the use of tobacco / alcohol
 Detailed description of techniques used in criminal offences
 Incitement of gambling
 Content that creates feelings of fear, intimidation, horror, or psychological terror
 Content that sets a bad example for young children: that teaches or encourages children to perform harmful acts or imitate dangerous behaviour
 None of the above

 Content filtering system

- strict : access to green contents only
- moderate: access to green and orange contents
- deactivated: access to green, orange and red contents

- Filtering mode for anonymous visitors is: strict - No change
- Default filtering mode for members is: strict - Possibility of changes.
- Members between 13 and 17 can choose between strict or moderate filtering.
- Members over 18 can set filtering to strict, moderate or deactivated.
- Filtering mode can be temporary downgraded by members when browsing in one specific space or one specific group.
- No particular rules for specific countries.

- Inappropriate content is not shown in Search and Explore section, and is shown as a scrambled thumbnail in other pages. 

Content moderating system

- Registered visitors (members) can report rating problems to ipernity moderators.
- ipernity moderators can restrict/lock contents rates, suspend/remove illegal contents and alert/suspend/remove faulty members.