With numerous cameras around, it might be obvious there are a few I don't use very often.  Like my 100 year old Agfa 5X7 view camera.  So far I have taken two photos with it, just to test things out.  Neither turned out very well.

I'm not using my D70 much either.  The only time I use it is when I need to use the IR remote, which does not work with the D200.  In other words; not very often.

So when I today came across some information about a company called LifePixel, I decided it would be a good idea to convert the D70 to IR.  It does not look that complicated, and $145 for the IR filter is not expensive compared to having Nikon repair something.  The only problem appears to be finding a Phillips screwdriver small enough for those tiny little screws, and even that should be possible.  I even used to have one once.

With so many cameras I think it is necessary to have one for infrared photography.  And in IR, maybe Iowa will finally look like the alien place it really is?