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  • Checking out my gear

    Peregrines always do this; I think they'd like a D500 themselves!

  • Wing maintenance

    This snowy was nice enough to hold its wing up so the sun lit it up just perfect from behind!

  • Incoming!

    I've been trying to compare the AF tracking on my D500 and the Z6; this is the Z6 being just a bit behind (I wanted it to keep the bird's eyes in focus). Of course, the D500 didn't do much better despite slightly faster AF. Still, the main problem is th…

  • Morning Swim

  • Sun and shade

  • Sunrise

  • Creosote Bush

    Desert Climates mean hot days and cold nights, so the only time to camp in Death Valley without freezing through the night is in the summer! We stayed at Wildrose Campground just because it is easy to reach and free (the payment system used out there does…

  • The Raven

    For some odd reason, the number of crows and ravens have been increasing in Southern California. They are everywhere, it seems. While they don't really bother me, they do annoy me by being quite difficult to photograph. All shiny and black!

  • The Mule, Somewhere in Nevada

    For lack of a better idea, we went out to the desert on our motorcycles last weekend, during the heat wave. The bike may look cool, but he was hot to the touch!

  • On the Edge

  • Death Valley, Landscape

    No trees. No vegetation. But the mountains look pretty good naked, I think.

  • Naked mountains

  • Moonlighting

    As we were heading down CA 190 towards Stovepipe Wells, we could see the moon over the mountains in the distance. It was a pretty sight so we stopped to take a few photos. However, our cameras were not quite able to capture what we saw while on the road,…

  • Death Valley, Artist's Drive

    I've been told the first Star Wars movie was filmed out here somewhere.

  • Bad Water

    Badwater, Death Valley National Park, California

  • Rhyolite, NV gas station

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