A while back I overheard a conversation between two amateur photographers I don't know wery well. One was talking about buying a slightly used 30D from a friend, so now he would have two, plus the 20D and a 40D. His friend was asking why would he want so many almost identical cameras?

I cannot remember the answer exactly, but the gist of it was: "The more, the merrier."

So I thought a bit smugly to myself that at least I can manage with just one camera, which makes for less clutter and not so much to carry around. I prefer simplicity and an uncluttered life.


Today I went by the camera store for some small item or other, and walked out of there with a new Canon G9. I really do need it, as my Nikon D200 is simply too large for many situations, the D70 is almost as large, and my little Canon SD600 is a bit feature-challenged.

And all my other cameras uses film...

I own a total of 9 cameras, from an Agfa 5X7 view camera that is about 100 years old, to the G9 I just bought today.

There is the classic Nikon F, the Bronica that needs repairs, a Holga that probably needs more tape, and a Nikon F801s that I mean to get rid of.

That's not too much, is it?

At least I only have two computers that I use regularly. Or three, if I count my old iMac. The ones in the closet don't count; they'll be gone as soon as I can find a place to recycle them. Unless I decide to rebuild one. Or two.

I might as well admit I have 17 pairs of shoes. That's not much, these days...