Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of this dude (George Carlin) and last night, I almost succeeded in waking up the neighbourhood from laughing so hard over his jokes - brilliant!

Today, I happen to flip the German comedy channel called Comedy Central (sounds German alright, doesn't it? :) ) and I'm cracking up over him! This dude fucking kills! Finally having the guts of speaking out over the fundamentalist suicide bombers, who are retarded enough to believe in being rewarded with 72 virgins upon entering heaven (which makes their "religion" a mockery in the first place) and making Allah the waiter of the real God, who in truth (in his stand-up program) is another Dutch-German comedian - aaaahhhhhaaaa, I'm almost peeing my pants over this! :D

I'm thinking: I oughta become a comedian, hee-hee! That's the only way, you can afford to have a serial-killer's mind and get away with it - cuz you kill by laughter and as far as I know, there's no law against THAT, isn't there?

Still giggling over this guy... : "At some point, I meant to join the Al-Queda, but my chances were pretty dim, cuz I haven't got a pilot's license..." AAAHHHHHH !!!!!! :DD:D:D:D:D Kudos to the guy, he's just awesome!