A family gathering today.I enjoyed messing in the kitchen and this was the outcome for their help yourself treats.I had the chefs perks of course doing a little sampling,well you have to don't you? I can't be giving them stuff I don't eat myself.
Pork pies,sausage rolls,chicken skewers,cheese and bacon potato halves,cheese straws,onion and garlic dip,sour cream and chives dip,onion bhaji s,vegetable samosas,vegetable pakoras,Belgian ice cream chocolates,custard slices,bakewell
tarts,chocolate eclairs,assorted potato crisps and nibbles and assorted cheeses and crackers,plus a few scoops of falling down water were consumed.
Not all was home made I hasten to added some just needed cooking some not even that. Paper plates and napkins were in use,this is not a day for washing up a load of dishes there was enough glasses that needed
They enjoyed the grub and chatter now they have left and poor
Ellen after a full days work after a hectic party last night is a wreck and gone up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire ready for a 6am start tomorrow It was a lovely day surrounded by my loved ones.A photographic warning to cat owners don't put your face anywhere a cat that is as crazy as Sooty,luckily my blink was
faster the his claws.

I hope you had a good day folks.