Back with short blog number three if you are still awake.
This afternoon the sun came out after a bad morning as it did yesterday so I did my little patrol,accompanied as always by Sooty.
I spotted a new comer in this flower,not unlike the fairy foxglove and as there are lots of different versions of that it may well be one I will identify it later hopefully. I don't know if it is scented I only get that close to the ground if there is are more than one job needs doing,otherwise it's not worth the effort.

This is more my size the buddleia is really coming on from the little bush I planted.A gift from John and Pauline for house watching when they were away a couple of years ago.

The sun is still shining brightly I'm off to catch some rays before I make dinner,no making really only some Jerseys to boil for a ham salad the rest is prepped.