We have more snow to replace the stuff that melted yesterday which doesn't please the cats. They they are so disgusted with it they have gone back to bed We are lucky it is only a little covering a lot of the county is in a terrible condition.
I got myself layered up and went to call on a couple of neighbours who are not too clever on their feet just to make sure all was well. They had a visit from their son yesterday and he got them sorted but they did want a couple of Tesco Cornish pasties so I trotted off for them.I took it steadily because we don't get the gritters around here so care is needed.I delivered the pasties,left them slurping tea and watching a shopping channel on the goggle box and returned home to the warmth,that's me in for the day I hope.
I have sport to watch on the box later if the weather hasn't disrupted it and a stew brewing in the slow cooker for dinner so all is snug and warm here. I'll get myself on the outside of a steak pie for lunch later and I'm sorted.
Have fun folks.

Fact of the day
The Earth weighs about 6 million, billion, billion kilograms.