The snow has gone for now at least. We only had a smattering here while 20 miles away on the A595 there were 14ft snow drifts and 70 motorists had to be rescued from a sudden blizzard and sheltered in a school hall overnight

The cats have settled in just fine despite Ellen being away since early Friday morning on a pre arranged weekend trip to a friends. The moggies are no longer in and out constantly, checking they haven't been left I guess. At the moment they are both curled up asleep together after an hour of tear arsing around the house playing chase and causing mayhem in every room.

The wind is a savage bone chilling north easterly coming down from the fells at 25mph so my idea of a stroll was a non-starter. I have a top of table clash in the rugby to watch later other than that I have nothing planned apart from dinner. My main job will be stopping the felines destroying the place. Time for lunch. Catch you later have fun

Fact of the day
The speed of the wind has fallen by 60% in the last 30 years.