The rain came as I wandered off for a stroll this morning. This meant I had to cut through the allotments and head homeward. Then it happened,the aroma from heaven drifted to meet me. The local chippy had their smell magnet on full throttle. I was powerless to resist and ended up with fish and chips for lunch and it drove the rainy day blues away.

Memories of childhood visits to the chippy flitted through my feeble brain. Back then the means of wrapping the delights of fish and chips was a little sheet of greaseproof paper and then they were wrapped in newspaper. Not new newspapers either, people used to take the papers they had read into the chippy for them to use.The ones that weren't cut into squares and hung in the outside lavatory that is. We thought nothing of food safety and happily ate our chips and read the paper at the same time,well the bits that weren't covered in grease from the animal fat that was used for cooking anyway.

On the Ellen move front I am stood down until Saturday then it is lots of helpers and one big push to get her stuff in. Should be fun