I am asking myself a question all the time:
A few decades ago (and even still) it was not possible to obtain cameras with good optic or even other features to deliver a photo with good quality, objectively speaking, without distortion, blur, colour infringement, etc. Many people had to shoot with Polaroids, holgas, lomos, etc. Fascinatingly pictures came out that had bad quality but were regarded as art.
In our days, what are many people doing? I am shooting with an excellent camera and excellent lens and then distort the pictures to make them look old, blurry, vignetted, scartched, crossprocessed etc. Why are we doing this and not leaving pictures as they are?

I am converting my latest pictures into Polaroid like pictures with all possible distortions. In a way this appeals to me and in other ways I do not understand why I am doing this. Do you know why? Why are making pictures with cameras of poor quality, crosprocess them, scratch them although we have far "better" ones?