Did you already knowing about faving items that it is possible to fav
  • not just items of others? You could fav your own ones, too!
    Would be great to find items which you like most in your own stream. Of course your own favs don´t count in any way in any statistics or at What´s hot or somewhere else. They just help you to keep your own favorite docs together.
  • not just single items? You could add a favorite-star to a whole album, too! So it makes no sense to fav trough (nearly) a whole album - just fave the whole album at once, instead.
  • items and after that to discribe in your own words what they are showing? Well, this was only possible for items in the "Documents"- section where items like audios and somehing like that appears cause your other favs will be discribed by just showing them- they speak for itself..
And in case you didn´t find them: All your favorites can be found seperated in the areas in which they belonging to. Your favorite photos so can be found by clicking at the photo-tab of the top-navbar (and then on the bottom of left navbar), the faved blogarticles are in the article-tab and so on.

And to find yourself ones inside this possible huge amounth of others there was a switchbox at the top right corner where you can select to show only favorites of a specific user (even you).