Yes, like most other flickr refugees, I'm setting up a new home on ipernity because I don't like the changes flickr has made or the way they were implemented. Yes, ipernity is a lot like the 'old' flickr and perhaps that is why it has attracted so many of us. But it is not flickr, and I hope never will be. I hope the site won't become a victim of its own success and be made an offer it can't refuse from some faceless corporate entity.

What I like about ipernity so far
  • This blogging feature! And I am planning to write about things other than my flickr migration and new ipernity experience but that's what seems to have consumed most of my life over the last few days... For me it offers the perfect integration between a blog and a photostream which was something I missed when I moved to flickr from a photoblogging platform.
  • The community. I've felt very welcomed since I moved here. Some of my flickr contacts are moving across but I've also met interesting new people who I hope to find time to catch up with once I'm a bit more settled.
  • The support. The team have been doing an amazing job of dealing with this influx and keeping everyone informed of what's going on.

Things I won't miss about flickr
  • Rotating pink and blue balls
  • Hiccups
  • Bad pandas (although I have yet to encounter one)
  • The scroll of death
  • Compulsory justified view. It's ok on my phone but not the way I want to view pictures on my computer screen. Currently it's possible to use the edit tab or the details=1 workaround to get a sane view of things. My bet is that this will be switched off soon though because it won't work well with the upcoming ads for all.
  • Being so incensed by the mess every time I use it!

So I hope we will bring with us all the good that used to be flickr and leave behind all the bad.