I have now transferred 6300 of 64,565 photos to Ipernity from Flickr. I'm almost 1/10th done. (This is going to take a while.) I'm going to go to bed now and start on #6301 in the morning. I can't say for sure, but when I'm finished I think I'll breathe a great sigh of relief. I've always heard horror stories of folks who lost their photos on Flickr for no good reason due to some trigger-happy moderators or someone with an ax to grind. There's got to be a sense of peace and security knowing that my photos are here as well. And, to be truthful, I can tell already I'm going to like Ipernity a LOT MORE than the wasteland of Flickr, which now seems to be masquerading as a photo sharing site more than really being a functional, user friendly photo sharing site.