I've finished to edit, prepare and upload almost everything I've planned to put here. With additions: some newer photos I've made during this time. So I have an exhibition here. And an internet exhibition gives us the chance to make it always better.
I believe this group of photos has a meaning because it includes shots from a period of ca. 25 years. I've tried to edit the older photos on a way that they don't look so old-style but enjoy people with "today's taste" too. I hope:)
I was lucky because I had enough time to do all these. Normally I'm making movies and the shortest and lightest job in this area means weeks of 7/24 concentrated working. I could benefit from a long pause for scanning the archive, selecting and editing.
I would thank to the arrogant executives in Yahoo and Flicker for giving me the opportunity to inspect what I have and to edit every single photo again and better, selecting, eliminating, classifying. (I have used the direct import option only for a few photos. Yes, maybe I'm crazy but I feel very good.) What I had in Flicker was not a well thought and made photostream but here, at least I believe, I could do my best.
What fails is an option which only ipernity can give to me: grouping the albums. This is a must because I have some photos here which normally would'nt be part of an exhibition but they have to be reachable for certain people for certain reasons and they are standing now in the same category with others.
Now it's time to make other photos. (EDIT: After writing this I am realizing that I have to grab and publish more from the shots in last years.) Because I love ipernity and the people I met here I have now an extra motive to make this. Thank you all who are in contact with me by visiting, by commenting, by discussing, by messaging and of course, by uploading very strong images which I enjoy, study and learn from.