No doubt: If you're making photos and want to show these to others, the internet is the most proper place and environment for this. And the common way is to have a photostream, say here. You can arrange how to show your work, build albums, put titles, explanations, add poetry or even music. You can get many compliments - and if you are lucky and your visitors have courage it is possible that you can get some constructive criticism too. It's fantastic!
But what if you want to have a permanent exhibition where you add some new works now and then and not make efforts to producing always something new to hold your photostream "actual"?
I believe that the way of using of photography-sites determines the photographer's behaviour. You have to be actual! This means: adding new photos whenever possible, adding these to many many groups etc. (The good side of this, interactivity, group discussions, relations etc. is of course temporarily excluded from my discussion here.)
I've saw excellent pictures in the "B&W Group" which had the newest comments under them from 4-5 years ago. Does it mean that these wonderful works are not visited since 4-5 years? Yes, this is not a certain proof because not everybody writes a comment but if they were visited at least there would be some signs maybe from the last year.
So, this is actually a question about how we use other people's photostreams - not as photographers but visitors. Accepting that "photostreams" are "permanent exhibitions" would add some value here. And probably for both: the photographer and the visitor.
I would be thankful if you write your thoughts about this.