Whenever I look out the window with awe at yet another power line, I often wonder, what does this power line or other typical power lines look like to someone who isn't interested in power lines. What does a power line look like for a person who isn't a line geek like me or like my fellow friends on ipernity? Do they see that power line just like I do or does it look different to them? Do you truly think they look ugly like most none line geeks claim to say or do they actually look cool to some level to them too? Without as much knowledge about line construction, materials, the aspects of power lines, i often wonder what do they think the insulators, arrestors, wires are for, never mind what they are?

I have come up with a few theories of what some none line geeks think when they see a power line. I've compiled this list of educated guesses.

1) When they see a power line they probably think that this power line even though that this one is an H-frame, and that one is a lattice structure they probably think, there's another power line and then forget it about it almost immediately after.

2) when they see insulators on the power lines they probably think it is high tech electronic equipment probably with circuit boards inside them probably used for telephone lines or possibly coils that keep the heat radiating from high current wires to keep cool. For example a body cutout may appear to be some sort of electronic control of some sort. Suspension disks kind of look like coils in the distance and an average observer may think that's what they are. Obviously lines don't heat up that high on wires but that's probably would I would end up thinking if I wasn't interested in them.

3) many people when they see high voltage power lines, even ones on towers, they probably think many of them actually hold other wires like TV, Cable, and Phone wires. Double or quad bundled wire may actually look like a bundle of phone wires.

4) some none line geeks probably don't even notice power lines all together...instead when they see it their selective focus on their mind simply masks it out like when I see things like bridges or antenna towers.

Obviously these are somewhat crude guesses but I think it was kind of fun to think about his and I bet these falls in the ball park of what many none line geeks unconsciously think when they see a typical power line.

If you are a none line geek and want to add more to this list please feel free because I always find it fun to see what other people think.