Today I just saw probably the most amazing lightning storm this year. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me. I ended up missing the best storm watching amazing bolts shoot down with aw knowing it probably have hit a few powerlines in places I could have been with a camera. Once I finally got home, I suddenly realized I that when I went to walmart twice, I should have got that little chode battery for my camera AE-1. I managed to get the tail end of the storm and only get one shot before the camera completely died. I feel really bummed but now feel better seeing that the extended forecast shows more lightning storms for the week. As u can probably see now, as well as a line geek i'm also a lightning photographer too. I have a few good lightning photos that I might upload sometime. Some of them are pretty interesting however missing the opportunities for some really good ones is enough for me to go as far as to rant a little bit on ipernity!

Have any of you guys ever taken pictures of lightning before? I think it's a lot of fun.