I want to talk about a made up a Company in my fictional world. I made this for fun. L.A.M.P. Inc is my made up Company that dose Human Resources, Civil Resources, and Manufacturing. Manufacturing part makes Insulator of all sorts, Materials, Transformers, Metals, Traffic Signals, etc! The Human Resources and Civil Resources has to do with the Power Companies owned by L.A.M.P. Inc. L.A.M.P. Inc has a Country Wide Electric Cooperative Co. called Perkins Electric Cooperative Company. And 2 city Power Companies in the Major Cities of my Country. The first one is Perkins Power & Light Company. PP&L bot outHope Land Power & Light Company got it's name changed in 2011. The second one is Vonsella Power. This company mosty dose medium size cities and large towns. And the other Power Companies owned by L.A.M.P. Inc. Hills Power & Light, Gat's Ville Electric, Steelport Power, and Lewis City Power & Light. This Company is still growing so that means i'm going to add stuff later on. I made this Company in 2008 so its kinda old. I also made this for my fictional world and for fun.