Even though he didn't have a recording contract at the time "I Drove All Night" (Steinberg - Kelly) was written for Roy Orbison and recorded in 1987 as a two take demo. E.L.O. and Traveling Wilbury member Jeff Lynne remixed the tune for the posthumous "King Of Hearts" album.

It probably had nothing to do with Roy Orbison but the eclectic singer and talented activist Cyndi Lauper once formed a band called Blue Angel, the title to one of Roy's early hits. Cyndi Lauper's cover of "I Drove All Night" was nominated for a Grammy and peaked in the top ten in 1989. It's from the album "A Night To Remember".

Celine Dion's cover was originally recorded as a 2003 car commercial then released as a single from the album "One Heart". This time the song made Billboard's top thirty.
Large thanks to Keith B for his input!