In 1952 the star of the legendary Louisiana Hayride was Johnny Horton. That year the Grand Ole Opry banned Hank Williams so he returned to the Hayride where he married Billie Jean Jones. Hank predicted that Bill Jean would one day marry Johnny Horton. Johnny and the widow were married in 1953.
New Year's Eve 1952 Hank Williams died traveling from the Skyline Club in Austin to a show in Canton Ohio. Seven years later Johnny Horton died in a car accident driving from the same Skyline Club.
The album "Johnny Horton Makes History" was released in 1960. The John Wayne movie "North to Alaska" was issued containing the song written by Johnny Horton and his manager Tillman Franks. The song was originally titled "Go North" and doesn't contain as much "mush".

"North to A;laska" was the chart topping single that came out just days after Johnny's death.