About Ern Jacoby club

From: Luxembourg

„Ern“: sea eagle, wonderful totem for a photographer. In my luxembourgish dialect „Ern“: alteration of „Ernest“: the earnest of being. Innsbruck University: PhD Geologist and Philosopher. Analogue leica period and public diapositive performances until 2008: followed by some digital years and activities on social medias: since 2013 freeager, grandfather and photosopher: I know that my knowledge fades away - there is freedom .....

öko I’m an Earth Protector and Trustee of the Earth. It is a declaration of love and acknowledgement that the Earth, the ecosystems of Earth and inhabitants of Earth whether human or otherwise have the right to peaceful enjoyment.

All of my work, photos and articles, posted here is copyrighted with all rights reserved. If you are interested to use one of please send me a message via ipernity.

Occupation: incognito ergo sum


Outdoor group coaching and trekking called „Dialogging“ (c) with Dorothee since 1973. Now as freeagers: Hiking, kickbiking, gardening, cooking, dreaming, music festivals ...

Favorite music and artists:

JAZZ FESTIVALS since 1973: Montreux, Bregenz, Gouvy, Namur, Liège, Saalfelden, Moers Festival 20x, NSJF Den Haag & Rotterdam 5x, Neuwied, Raahe, Hällevik, Middelburg, Rudolstadt-Festival, Jazzfest Berlin, Like a Jazz Machine Dudelange 10x, Gaume Jazz Rossignol 15x, Jazz Happening Tampere ...

Favorite books and authors:

Die Zeit, Tanabe Hashime, Jiddu Krishnamurti