About afwrite

Alistair Wilson

Hello, and welcome to my ipernity pages.

I am male, forty-something and live in the west of Scotland, and therefore have waterproof skin and a tolerance of poor weather. I enjoy taking and sharing photographs with my second hand camera. Interested in recording outdoor activities, on mountains I climb, wildlife and scenic places I find, learning about others' countries and beautiful things you see. More interested in the content than the technology. I pick wild mushrooms, I try to keep my hand in with cooking (started my career in kitchens), I enjoy winter mountains and I'm an occasional rider of my 1997 900cc Yamaha motorbike. I have a bad habit of writing comments that I find funny. Apologies in advance. I still have a (hidden) Flickr account but I feel betrayed at the vandalism Yahoo have perpetrated on a site and community I was very fond of for 7 years and which I now find an ugly, unusable mess. I'm delighted to have found ipernity. I do hope you find something interesting amongst my photos.

Best wishes,


Place of residence: United Kingdom